FacebookYou may have money and not even know it. The Bank of Canada is sitting on millions of dollars that come from dormant bank accounts. The good news is that if you have money sitting that was in a dormant account, the Bank of Canada will return it to you.

A dormant bank account is an account that has had no activity from its owner for minimum two years. After two years of inactivity banks are mandated by law to send written notification to the account owner. They must do so again after five years of inactivity. At the nine year mark the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions publishes unclaimed balances in the Canada Gazette if the balance exceeds $100. At the ten year mark of an inactive account, the unclaimed balances are then transferred to the Bank of Canada. Bank balances in excess of $500 are held indefinately.

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We will help you get your claim within 30 to 60 days once the official claim has been submitted. If the claim is an estate, then the claim may take longer.

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